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2020-12-30Launching upgraded prevention and control measures in response to Tainan New Year’s Eve Concert, Mayor Huang Wei-che urges participants to abide by five regulations.
2020-12-28Mayor Huang Promotes Tainan’s Charm and Invites Singers Martin Hurkens and Mary-Jess to Give the Local Hot Springs a Try
2020-12-25Tainan Strengthens Pandemic Prevention Campaign and Accommodation Management for Migrant Workers to Prevent Beaches
2020-12-24Tainan’s COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures In Response to Upcoming New Year Countdown Events
2020-12-23When West Meats East: Mayor Huang Arranges for Martin Hurkens and Mary-Jess to Attend the See Xigang Cultural Festival
2020-12-21Dutch Singer Martin Hurkens Impressed by Sicao Green Tunnel; Mayor Huang Thrilled by Hurkens’ Fondness of Tainan
2020-12-16English Crossover Singer Mary-Jess to Perform at Tainan’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve Festivities. Mayor Invites All to the Concerts
2020-12-07Tainan City’s Stepped-up Measures in Border Quarantine, Community Prevention and Medical Response, In Response to the Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program
2020-12-04Tainan City Announces Christmas and New Year's Eve Festivities Huang Wei-che Welcomes All to Join the Fun in Tainan
2020-12-01Dutch Singer Martin Hurkens Revisits Tainan: Soothing Voice to Comfort Tainan Citizens
2020-12-01(Update) Q&A on Coronaviruses (COVID-19) for Foreigners in Tainan (2020/12/01)
2020-11-27Strengthened Pandemic Prevention and Control in the Winter Months: CECC Mandates Wearing of Face Masks at Eight Types of Public Venues
2020-11-25Diplomatic Corps and Commercial Personnel in Taiwan Visits Enterprises in Tainan, Mayor Huang Wei-che Expects A More Active Industrial Communication
2020-11-17Pokémon GO City Spotlight in Tainan: Mayor Huang Wei-che Invites Trainers to Have Fun
2020-11-11Donating PPE to Tainan’s sister city—Cavite City; Huang Wei-che: there is strength in numbers
2020-11-04Mayor Huang Wei-che invites all to participate in the Tainan Minced Pork Rice Festival
2020-10-26Taiwan’s First English-friendly Traditional Market: Tainan's East Market Obtains English-friendly Certification
2020-10-20Half a Million People Celebrate 10th October at Tainan's Successful National Day Fireworks Show
2020-10-15An All-Formosan Nan Ying Folklore Festival, Mayor Huang Wei-che Proudly Presents Tainan's Heritage of Performing Arts
2020-10-07Gastrodiplomacy promoted by Mayor Huang: Tainan to roll out multilingual menus for international tourists