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2024-06-07Prime Ministers Of Tuvalu And Saint Lucia Tour Tainan After Presidential State Banquet, Tainan Mayor Invites Them To Experience Tainan
2024-06-03Tainan Hosts President And Vice President Inaugural State Banquet, Local Delicacies Served To Welcome Guests From Home And Abroad
2024-05-20Tainan Mayor Reveals Local Specialties in State Banquet Gift Bags
2024-05-14The Masterpieces From The National Gallery, London Exhibition Officially Opens, Tainan Mayor Invites All To Come Appreciate The Great Art Pieces
2024-05-07Boat Repaired, Ukrainian Family of Three Sails Towards New Life With Love From Tainan
2024-04-25U.S. Young Leaders Delegation Visits Tainan, Mayor Looks Forward To Closer Regional Interactions Between Taiwan And US
2024-04-18Tainan Mayor Actively Promotes Pineapple Exports, Opens New Opportunity In New Zealand Market
2024-04-12Tainan Mayor Visits And Signs Partnership Agreement With Lithuanian City Jonava, Marking New Milestone For Taiwan-Lithuania Friendship
2024-04-03Tainan City Welcomes Mayor of Leuven’s First Visit Since Becoming Sister Cities
2024-03-28More International Travelers! Applications for the International Visitor Incentive Program Launched by the Bureau of Tourism of Tainan City Government Begins on April 1st
2024-03-262024 Taiwan Lantern Festival Closes With 24 Billion Output Value, Mayor: The Glory Goes To All Tainan Citizens
2024-03-15Saint Lucia Minister Of Commerce Visits Tainan To Participate In Tainan 400 Series Event
2024-03-12Thousand-Year-Old Korean City Gyeongju Is The First City To Sign Exchange Agreement With Tainan During The Tainan 400 Series Event
2024-03-06Ukrainian Family Repairs Sailboat in Anping Harbor—Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che Expresses Concern and Directs Relevant Departments to Provide Timely Assistance
2024-03-05Sixteen Delegations From Cities In Japan, US, and Korea Visit Tainan City, Tainan Mayor Thanked The Guests For Attending The Taiwan Lantern Festival Lighting Ceremony
2024-02-22National Museum of Taiwan History Officially Opens the Transcending 1624 - Taiwan and the World International Special Exhibition, Tainan Mayor: Recording History and Looking Forward To the Future
2024-02-06Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service Launches Dongshan Coffee Route And Meiling Route, Tainan Mayor Invites All To Enjoy The Beauty Of Tainan’s Mountain Region
2024-01-10Tainan Unveils 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival Main Lantern and Handheld Lanterns, Mayor Invites Everyone To Come Join The Fun In Tainan
2024-01-08Great News for Tainan Citizens! Tainan Has Been Selected By CNN As One Of The Best Places To Visit In 2024
2023-12-25Former Military Warehouse Xiangxin Hall Transformed into Anping Nautical Fort And Officially Opened to The Public