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2021-03-29South African Representative Seraki Matsebe Visits Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che to Discuss Partnerships in Trade & Investment and Smart City Developments
2021-03-23Mayor Huang Wei-che Promotes Multiple Marketing Channels for Tainan’s Pineapples as Peak Harvest Season Approaches
2021-03-15Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che, Vice President William Lai, and British Office Taipei Representative John Dennis Jointly Honor Dr. James Laidlaw Maxwell at His 100th Death Anniversary
2021-03-03New NLOT Representative Guido Tielman Visits Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che to Discuss Future Collaborations
2021-02-23To fairly balance between the centuries-old folk activity and disease prevention, Mayor Huang Wei-che announced the continuation of 2021 Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival with a smaller scale
2021-02-22Huang Wei-che Runs Into AIT Director William Brent Christensen When Handing Out Good Luck Goody Bags, Wishes Christensen a Good Holiday in Tainan
2021-02-17Central and Local Governments Join Forces to Build Shalun Green Energy Science City and Accelerate Energy Transition and Industry Development in Tainan
2021-02-09Tainan City Governments Announces New Epidemic Prevention Control Measures on City Buses and in Shopping Centers
2021-02-05International artists praised Taiwan’s actions on containing the pandemic. Mayor Huang affirmed Tainan’s great contribution to international publicity.
2021-02-01Hospitals and Nursing Care Facilities in Tainan City Suspend Visitation between January 27 to February 28 in Response to Hospital Cluster Infection in Northern Taiwan
2021-02-01Tainan Establishes the First On-Line Operations Coordination Center (OLOCC) for Real-time, Remote Medical Care Coordination
2021-01-29US Columbus City Discovers Two New Virus Strains. Huang Wei-che Forwards his Regards to Sister City
2021-01-25To Prevent Nosocomial Infection, the Tainan City Government Reminds the Public to Comply with Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures at Healthcare Facilities
2021-01-21Tainan Expects to Have Over 100 Bilingual Schools by 2024
2021-01-14Staying Safe and Warm While Enjoying Tainan's New Year's Eve Concert. Huang Wei-che: Social Distancing Will Keep Everyone Safe
2021-01-07Tainan Christmas & New Year’s Eve Festivities-Rock & Roll/Hip Hop Night kicks off on January 9. The venue will be cleared at 3pm before admission for no more than 20, 000 attendees
2021-01-07Martin Hurkens Performs at Tainan T.S. Mall. Major Huang Wei-che Wishes Citizens a Joyful and Healthy Christmas
2021-01-04Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che and Citizens Enjoy Jazz Concert Featuring Domestic and International Artists
2020-12-31In considering the importance of disease prevention, Mayor Huang Wei-che announced that Tainan New Year’s Eve Concert will be staged online instead of the in person event
2020-12-31Singers Martin Hurkens and Mary-Jess Visit Chimei Museum; Mayor Huang Wei-che Reaffirms Tainan’s Status as Taiwan’s Cultural Capital