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2022-05-24More Pfizer-BNT Vaccination Clinics Opened for Children (Ver. 20220524)
2022-05-23Information About Screening Stations in Tainan City (May 23- May 29) (Ver. 20220523)
2022-05-23Agenda of COVID-19 Outpatient Clinics Opened by Hospitals in Tainan City (Ver. 20220523)
2022-05-20Tainan Opens First Privately Managed Public Infant Care Center, Mayor Huang Wei-che Aspires To Provide More Childcare Options
2022-05-20Teenagers and Children in Tainan Can Register for the First and Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccines
2022-05-17List of Hospitals That Provide PCR Specimen Collection Services, Outpatient Services and Drug Administration Services in Tainan City
2022-05-16Beginning May 16, COVID-19 Second Booster Shot Opens for Eligible Individuals (Ver. 20220516)
2022-05-16Information About Screening Stations in Tainan City (May 16- May 22) (Ver. 20220516)
2022-05-13City Oasis “Here Comes The Ship” Inaugurated In South District
2022-05-12Updated List of Clinics Providing Government-funded PCR Specimen Collection Services in Tainan City (Ver. 20220512)
2022-05-10Moderna Vaccination Clinics Opened for children aged 6-11 in Tainan City (Ver. 20220510)
2022-05-10List of Clinics Providing Government-funded PCR Specimen Collection Services in Tainan City (Ver. 20220510)
2022-05-09Information About Screening Stations in Tainan City (May 9- May 15) (Ver. 20220509)
2022-05-09Updated Disease Prevention Measures for Schools at All Levels in Tainan City (Ver. 20220509)
2022-05-09Tainan Convention And Exhibition Center Officially Inaugurated, Mayor Huang Wei-che Expects It To Increase The Visibility Of Tainan’s Industries And Bring More Business Opportunities
2022-05-06In-person Classes for Ninth-grade Students in Junior High Schools and Cram Schools in Tainan City to Be Suspended from May 14 to May 20 (Ver. 20220506)
2022-05-03Important Notes for Confirmed Children Undertaking Home Care (Ver. 20220503)
2022-05-03Information About Screening Stations To Be Opened in Tainan City
2022-05-02Tainan City COVID-19 Vaccination Information (Ver. 20220502)
2022-05-01Recommended List of Family Standing Medicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Ver. 20220501)