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2021-09-17Premier Su Tseng-Chang Inspects Chengsi High-speed Food Waste Fermentation Factory, Commends Tainan's Early Deployment of Solution. Huang Wei-che Expresses Tainan Is Dedicated to Safeguarding Industry Safety
2021-09-09Canadian Trade Office Representative Jordan Reeves Visits Tainan, Hopes to Further Promote Collaborations in Culture and Education. Huang Wei-che Strongly Supports the Proposal
2021-09-08Strengthened Disease Prevention and Control Measures for Public and Private Kindergartens in Tainan (2021/09/08)
2021-09-03Tainan's High-quality pomelos Hit the Shelves of Singapore's Largest Chain Supermarket. Mayor Huang Wei-che Hopes Farmers Benefit from Diverse Marketing Channels
2021-09-02Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Imported Case: Case #16116 (2021/09/02)
2021-08-27Tainan City First to Set up Low-carbon Campus Certification in Taiwan, Mayor Huang Wei-che Awards and Commends Low-carbon Campus Schools
2021-08-24Tainan City Government Announced Adjusted Control Measures in Response to Continued Nationwide Level 2 Epidemic Alert (2021/08/23)
2021-08-23Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Case from New Taipei City: Case #16042 (2021/08/23)
2021-08-19Tainan City Guidance for Safe Schools in Response to School Opening on September 1 (2021/08/19)
2021-08-18Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Imported Case: Case #15999 (2021/08/18)
2021-08-18Premier Su Tseng-chang Inspects Sanye River Flood Control Results. Huang Wei-che Turns in Outstanding Performance
2021-08-17Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Case from Kaohsiung City: Case #15946 (2021/08/17)
2021-08-13Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Case from Taipei City: Case #15923 (2021/08/13)
2021-08-12Disease Prevention and Control Guidelines for the Conditional Opening of Indoor Playgrounds for Kids and Parent-child Centers in Tainan City (2021/08/12)
2021-08-12US Columbus City Hosts Exhibition to Promote Horticulture of International Sister Cities. Tainan's Orchid Industry Widely Recognized
2021-08-11Descriptions of a newly confirmed case from Taipei City: Case #15909 (2021/08/11)
2021-08-09Tainan City Government Urges Citizens to Prevent from Japanese Encephalitis and Dengue Fever Occurring After Heavy Rain (2021/08/09)
2021-08-06Descriptions of Three Newly Confirmed Cases from New Taipei City and Chiayi County: Case #15856, 15870, 15871 (2021/08/06)
2021-08-04Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che Appears on Jumbotron at New Columbus Crew Stadium, Sending Best Wishes from Tainan
2021-08-03Descriptions of a newly confirmed case from New Taipei City: Case #15816 (2021/08/03)