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2021-05-24Tainan City’s Disease Prevention Measures for Dinning and Environmental Protection (2021/05/24)
2021-05-24Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Tainan City (Case #3615, #4018, #4221) and Trace Information of Cases from Other Cities (Case #3455 and #3614) (2021/05/24)
2021-05-21The Travel History in Tainan of Local Case #2336 visited from New Taipei City (2021/5/21)
2021-05-21Tainan City Mayor Huang We-che Announces 3 Main Measures and 3 Main Activations to Respond to Level 3 COVID-19 Alert (2021/5/21)
2021-05-21Tainan Public Transportation Adjustment Announcement for COVID-19 (2021/5/21)
2021-05-21Huang Wei-che Signs Climate Emergency Declaration and Pledges to Realize 2030 Sustainable Development Vision
2021-05-20Alert Raised to Level 3 Nationwide; Tainan City Government Announces Emergency Measures (2021/05/20)
2021-05-20Descriptions of Two New Local Infections of COVID-19 Cases in Tainan (2021/5/20)
2021-05-19Tainan City’s Disease Prevention Measures For Cultural Venues And Activities (2021/05/19)
2021-05-19Disease Prevention Family Care Leave Measures in Tainan (2021/05/18)
2021-05-17Tainan City Enters Quasi-Level-3 Alert; New Disease Prevention and Control Measures Are Announced for All Citizens
2021-05-13Please Practice Enhanced Precaution While Government Imposes Stricter Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures (May 12, 2021)
2021-05-11Mayor Huang Thanks TAITRA for Joint Effort In Bringing Overseas Opportunities to Local Businesses Through Online Meetings.
2021-05-11Thorough Inspection of Tainan City Quarantine Hotels: Enhanced Safety Protection for All Citizens
2021-05-10(updated on 2021/5/7) Q&A on Coronaviruses (COVID-19) for Foreigners in Tainan
2021-05-06Minister of Science and Technology Visits Tainan with Representatives from Diplomatic Missions and Chambers of Commerce. Mayor Huang Hopes to Facilitate More Collaboration and Investment Opportunities
2021-04-22Tainan Team of Self-driving Buses Signs Letter of Intent. Mayor Huang Hopes Autonomous Bus Operations Can Be Transferred to Private Sector As Soon As Possible
2021-04-22Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che Urges Citizens to Get Vaccinated
2021-04-12Taiwan’s Largest Solar Power Plant Officially Launched in Tainan. Mayor Huang Wei-che Aims to Transform Tainan into a Smart Green Energy Model City
2021-04-06Tainan City Government Talks About the Future with Local Youth. Mayor Huang Wei-che Points Out Tainan’s Future Needs Youth Participation