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2020-07-17Huang Wei-che: Tainan Day Pass Coupon Set with Hundreds of Good Deals Available on July 15
2020-07-14AIT Holds Independence Day Celebrations in Tainan. Huang Wei-che Attends Event and Hopes to See More US-Taiwan Interactions
2020-07-06Here Comes Tainan's Mango Season! Huang Wei-che Excitedly Promotes Tainan Mangoes to The World
2020-06-29Tainan's Mountain Line & Museum Bus Route Begins Service on June 25. Huang Wei-che Invites All to Come Explore Tainan
2020-06-22Austrian Commercial Office Director Visits Tainan City Mayor: Aims to Initiate Partnership Channels for Enterprises
2020-06-15Tainan Has 60% Smart Parking Spaces in Place, the Highest Percentage in Taiwan. Mayor Aims to Deploy a 100% Smart Parking System
2020-06-106/7 Tainan’s New Disease Prevention and Control Policies after Easing Restrictions
2020-06-05Five Key CECC Officials Commended Tainan’s Disease Prevention Tourism; Mayor Huang Invites Visitors and Promotes New Waves of Tourists
2020-06-04TSMC Selects Tainan Friendship State Arizona as New Fab Location. Huang Wei-che Congratulates Arizona and Looks Forward to More Technology Collaborations
2020-05-28Carefree Travel Program: Tainan City Government Provides Safe Accommodation and Dining Measures for Visitors to Enjoy Time in Tainan
2020-05-27President Tsai Ing-wen Gives Out Tainan “Hero Noodles” to Honor Central Epidemic Prevention Center Staff. Tainan Mayor: Quality Tainan Noodles for Heroes!
2020-05-22Uni-President Lions’ First Season Home Game Mayor Huang: Taiwanese Baseball Live in English, Best Showcase for Taiwan’s Successful Management of COVID-19 Outbreak
2020-05-20Mayor Huang Wei-che Announces West Covina Has Signed Friendship City Agreement with Tainan
2020-05-18Mayor Huang Wei-che Sends Painter's Palettes to Foreign Representatives in Taiwan to Promote Tainan’s Produce and Tourism
2020-05-14Ensuring People’s Quality of Life and Bolstering Economic Development: Tainan On Board with New Lifestyle Movement for Epidemic Prevention
2020-05-11Tainan Launches Joint Service Center for Relief and Revitalization Measures for COVID-19: One-stop Consultation to Address Urgent Needs of Citizens and Businesses
2020-05-08Tainan Taxi Drivers Obtain English-friendly Logos. Mayor Huang Wei-che Hopes Foreign Language Training Courses Will Boost International Tourism City Image
2020-05-01From Fashion to Sturgeon Farming: Young Entrepreneur Finds Success in Tainan. Huang Wei-che Promises to Build Young Farmers-friendly City
2020-04-29 “Effective, Safe, and Resource-saving”: Mayor Huang Commended Taiwan’s First Container-built COVID-19 Testing Stations
2020-04-27Mayor Huang Urges Citizens to Wear Masks at All Times for 14 Days; Government and Companies Align Efforts in Epidemic Prevention and Control