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Comprehensive Planning Division

1. Advise and Regulate Publishing Industry

Because the Publishing Law has already been repealed, so publishing-based applications and registration are now handled by sectors that regulate business. The Department of Information and International Relations currently collects advertisements from different newspapers and publications that are determined to be inappropriate, and then contacts relevant government organizations to investigate and determine appropriate punishments.    


2. Advise and Regulate Video Industry

A. Process information whenever a video company is established or makes changes.

B. Provide advice and regulate content ratings according to Ratings Regulations for Publishing and Video Programs by visiting supermarkets, book stores, book rental shops, night markets, and other locations.


3. Publish and Distribute City Government’s Publications and Booklets

A. Responsible for distributing Tainan City’s Live Leisurely in Tainan, which is a quarterly publication that comes with a tourism booklet.  

B. Distribute booklets from city government.