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2020-04-27Production and Sales Volume of Tainan's Painter's Palette Flower Number One in Taiwan. Mayor Huang Wei-che Wishes Everyone Good Health
2020-04-23Epidemic Investigation and Sanitization Completed for the Newly Confirmed Dunmu Fleet Member Case Reported on April 20(update:4/24)
2020-04-23Tainan City Government Announces More Covid-19 Contact Tracing Information, Urging Citizens to Boost Self-health Management Efforts
2020-04-20Tainan Adds One Confirmed COVID-19 Case, One of the 21 Confirmed Dunmu Navy Fleet Members (update:4/24)
2020-04-202020 Pineapple & Bamboo Shoot Season Kicks Off on April 25 Mayor Prepares Pineapple Fried Rice and Promotes Local Produce
2020-04-15As Firefly Season Begins, Mayor Huang Urges Visitors to Practice Self-Protection, While City Government Initiates Epidemic Prevention and Traffic Control Measures in Meiling
2020-04-13Tainan to Launch Self-driving Testing Project in Second Half of 2020 Mayor: Tainan has the capability to integrate industry supply chain and build a world-class self-driving car base
2020-04-09Mayor Huang orders city government employees to practice self-health management and advises schools to obtain holiday travel records of all members
2020-04-08Q&A on Coronaviruses (COVID-19) for Foreigners in Tainan MD5:deefd174fae68d48aa64cfa3233ce470
2020-04-01Enhanced Novel Coronavirus Containment Measures: Successful Drill, Now Ready for Roll-out
2020-04-01Non-stop Support from Tainan City Government: Advance Preparation of 3,000 Quarantine Care Kits
2020-04-01Tainan Express to Suspend Services Beginning April 1
2020-03-27Connecting Tainan’s Tourism with the World: Tainan Signs MOU with KLOOK
2020-03-17Grand Opening of Tainan New Landmark – The Spring - with Huang Wei-che and William Lai
2020-03-02Low-carbon City Tainan Recognized as A List Carbon Disclosure City
2020-02-24Preparing for Tainan City's 400th Anniversary: Huang Wei-che Inspects Zeelandia Town Excavation Site
2020-01-30Tainan City Committee of US Sister City Association in Kansas Visits Mayor Huang Wei-che. Solidify the Relationship for Another Four Decades
2020-01-30US Friendship State Arizona Delegation Arrives in Taiwan First Stop: Tainan City
2019-12-24When Wabi and Sabi Meets Medvedica Ingrid - Slovak Representative Couple Shares the Joy of Reading with Local Children
2019-12-16Tainan City Government Works with Microsoft and Linker Networks to Deploy New AI Strategy