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2019-05-02Mayor Huang Wei-che and AIT Chairman James Moriarty Visit Taiwan Relations Act 40th Anniversary Special Exhibition in Tainan
2019-04-08Tainan by foot Officially Available Online: The First All-English Walking Tour and Map Book of Tainan
2019-03-28Tainan City Government Collaborates with World's Largest Hotel Booking Site Mayor: Increasing International Visitors as a Blue Ocean Strategy for Tainan Tourism
2019-03-192019 WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup in Tainan from July 26 to August 4 Mayor Huang: "Let's Keep the Champion Cup in Tainan!"
2019-03-07Twenty Foreign Diplomatic Personnel from Thirteen Countries Took Part in 2019 Taiwan International Orchid Show Opening Ceremony
2019-03-04UAV Aerial Photography and AI: Setting a Brand New Milestone for Taiwan's Smart City Development
2019-02-01“Greetings from the Whale” Unveiled Mayor Huang: This Is a New Landmark
2019-02-01Asian University Football Tournament Kicks Off in Tainan in September Tainan Government and Asian University Football Federation Signs MOU
2019-02-012019 Yuejin Lantern Festival Invites Visitors to Come “Breathe With Light”
2019-02-01Third Mayor of Tainan Officially Takes Office . Mayor Huang: No Honeymoon Phase. Complete Dedication to Service
2018-12-14Tainan Shares Smart City Achievements at COP24 Side Event in Poland
2018-11-20Marketing Tainan via Gaming Tourism: Tainan Welcomes Pokémon GO Players!
2018-11-04Mayor Li Men-yen Welcomes Friendship City Almere Mayor to Tainan Once More
2018-10-30Tainan Art Museum Building One Holds Soft Opening After a Six-Decade Wait
2018-10-18Tainan Deputy Mayor Chang Shao-yuan Attends World Human Rights Cities Forum 2018 at Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea
2018-10-08A Fifty-year Sister City Relationship: Tainan Welcomes Gwangju Metropolitan City Delegates
2018-10-02A New Sister City after Thirteen Years: Tainan City and South Pacific Wotje Atoll Becomes Sister Cities
2018-09-18Tainan Train Station Visitor Information Center Relocated to Continue Service
2018-09-05Tainan Street Museum of Art + Opens with a Pleasant Night Filled with Visual and Audio Delights
2018-09-03A Sister City Bond for More Than Three Decades: Gold Coast Delegation Visits Tainan