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Half a Million People Celebrate 10th October at Tainan's Successful National Day Fireworks Show

The firework show for Taiwan's 2020 National Day kicked off in the evening of October 10 in Tainan, where a total of 27,354 magnificent fireworks lit up Anping's Yuguang Island seacoast. The sound and light extravaganza lasted 33 minutes, impressing the 500,000 spectators who claimed that this is the best National Day firework display they’ve seen so far.


Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che expressed that after waiting for two decades, Tainan finally won the chance to host the National Day firework show for the very first time. This year’s firework show has four stage locations: Anping Love Square (main stage), Sunset Platform, Taiwan Warship Museum, and Sikunshen. With additional activities and events such as snack markets, performances, and travel packages, Tainan welcomed visitors to come enjoy their long weekend in the city and guaranteed that everyone would leave satisfied by the sights, sounds, and bountiful delicacies.


The 2020 fireworks show presented five themes: "Looking Back at Dayuan (Tainan's former name)", "The Ancient Capitol", "Epidemic Prevention Heroes", "National Defense and Autonomy", and "Uniting Taiwan, Democracy Wins". Warplane- and missile-shaped patterns appeared in the sky for the first time, indicating the great progress of national defense and autonomy. There were also face mask-inspired and number illuminations launched as a tribute to the pandemic prevention heroes. Each theme was paired with popular music and songs, such as "Remembering Anping" and "Island's Sunrise" to present a brand new and exciting spectacular to the audience.