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Mason Yu Assumes the Position as Chief of AIT’s Kaohsiung Branch Office. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che Looks forward to Strengthening U.S.-Taiwan Collaborations.

Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che met with AIT’s (American Institute in Taiwan) newly appointed Kaohsiung Branch Office Chief, Mason Yu and Kaohsiung Deputy Branch Chief, Jack Lambert before he joined them at Mr. Yu’s welcome reception on the 17th of September. Mayor Huang extended his best wishes for Mr. Yu’s term in office and invited him and his colleagues to participate in the 10th October National Day Fireworks in Tainan and to have a first-hand experience of the hospitality unique to Tainan.


While giving his address speech, Mayor Huang Wei-che cordially welcomed Branch Chief Yu to assume the post in Southern Taiwan and pointed out the similarity between Tainan and Washington State (the hometown of Mr. Yu). The similarity lies in the harmonious co-existence of prosperous agriculture and high-tech industry. Mayor Huang hoped that Branch Chief Yu could pay more visits to Tainan, especially when it is about to celebrate its 400th anniversary. After being introduced to different facets of Tainan, Mr. Yu would definitely be mesmerized by the rich historic and cultural heritage of the city. In addition, Mayor Huang Wei-che hopes to join hands with Branch Chief Yu in areas such as agriculture, culture, and economy, etc., so that more fruitful results can be achieved, and U.S.-Taiwan relations be strengthened.


Mr. Yu indicated in his speech that this was the second time he had been dispatched to Taiwan. He feels quite honored to be back in Southern Taiwan and be able to serve his term 12 years later. He is also very excited about working together in terms of investing in venture capital, commerce, agriculture, and tourism, etc. in the near future.


Mason Yu arrived in Taiwan this summer to assume the position of the American Institute in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Branch Office Chief. This is his second time being dispatched to Taiwan. He worked as the Principal Commercial Officer and Deputy Branch Chief at AIT’s Kaohsiung Branch Office in 2008.