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Tainan-based Company AUTOLAND Donates Face Mask Production Line to Czech Republic

As the global threat of COVID-19 continues, there is still an increasing demand for face masks and disease prevention goods. In response, Tainan-based manufacturer AUTOLAND, together with machine tool enterprises from southern Taiwan, have donated an entire set of smart mask manufacturing system to the Czech Republic, which comprises of five production lines that produce 3D high-end face masks. This is a clear reflection of the Taiwanese spirit—AUTOLAND hopes to contribute to the global aid network and help safeguard the health of the Czech citizens and medical professionals. 


“When we fight this battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, we should not be confined by national boundaries,” stated Mayor Huang Wei-che of Tainan City. The smart mask manufacturing system, donated by AUTOLAND and machinery firms based in southern Taiwan, includes five automated production lines for 3D high-end face masks. Each production line can churn out an average of 30 masks per minute. Also, compared to the conventional N95 masks with three protective layers, this new model carries 6 layers, a new technological breakthrough. AUTOLAND not only donated the machinery, but also is about to dispatch a team of engineers to Czech to install the equipment and ensure successful transfer. Through this international aid effort, we hope the global community can understand Taiwan’s kindness and willingness to help one another in difficult times. This is also a measure to foster public diplomacy.


Taiwan’s performance in pandemic prevention and control has won global recognition. Tainan City government has also poured in significant resources and efforts to ensure the safety and health of our citizens. Tainan City government regularly holds disease prevention and control meetings, and works very hard to coordinate disease prevention goods and resources. In fighting this battle against COVID-19, which has exerted a detrimental impact on global economy, Taiwan and our global partners should work together and implement effective prevention and control measures, so that global economies can soon recover and countries can put the pandemic fully under control.