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KNH Enterprise Introduces High-Speed Mask Production Line, Winning Recognition by Mayor Huang For Its CSR Performance

On Sept. 11, KNH Enterprise, one of Taiwan’s main meltblown nonwoven fabric manufacturers, introduced its latest high-speed mask production line in Taipei’s 101 building. Compared to the daily productivity of 100,000 face masks by regular production lines, this latest model by KNH Enterprise produces 450,000-550,000 face mask on a daily basis, achieving a five-fold productivity.


Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che applauded that the mask production line developed by KNH enterprise is the “Ferrari of Face Mask Maker” as well as the honor of Tainan. Mayor Huang recognizes its CSR contribution, especially in contributing to the global pandemic prevention and control efforts. Compared to the daily production volume of 140,000 at the onset of the outbreak, the production volume has risen to over 4 million masks. With the introduction of these high-speed mask production lines, productivity will further increase by over 3 million masks, effectively strengthening Taiwan’s epidemic prevention and control capabilities.


With 51-year history in Tainan, KNH Enterprise is one of the key manufacturers of meltblown nonwoven fabric that forms the critical filtration layer of a face mask. Face masks by KNH Enterprise not only have won FDA permit, but are also certified according to the latest CE standards, and thus are capable of supplying medical-purpose masks and surgical masks to hospitals in the United Stations and Europe. Further mask supplies will be provided to more Southeast Asia and EU countries. This is one concrete demonstration of how Taiwan can help in the global fight against the pandemic.