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2023-07-25Southeast Asia’s Dengue Fever Epidemic Becomes Severe, Tainan City Reminds Citizens to Enhance Anti-mosquito Measures When Traveling Abroad
2023-07-18Regional Kaohsiung-Tainan-Pingtung TPASS Officially Launched, Tainan City Government Joins Hands with Central Government to Welcome Southern Taiwan’s New Era of Public Transportation
2023-07-11Tainan 400 Unveils First Special Exhibition When Oceans Meet: Art Exchange Exhibition between Taiwan and the Netherlands. Mayor: Come Appreciate The Interactions Between Taiwan and The Netherlands During The Age of Discovery
2023-07-04Italian Senate Vice-President Gian Marco Centinaio Visits Tainan City, Mayor: Hope City Features Will Attract More Taiwan-Italy Interactions
2023-06-26First Local Dengue Fever Case Confirmed in Tainan City, Mayor Urges Citizens to Heighten Awareness
2023-06-13AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk Visits Tainan City Mayor, Hopes To Enhance Economic And Trade Ties Between US and Taiwan
2023-06-06International Travel Website Lists Tainan As One Of The World’s Top Ten Sustainable Tourism Destinations, Tainan Mayor: City Government’s Transformation Efforts Have Been Recognized
2023-05-29Netherlands Office Taipei Representative Guido Tielman Visits Tainan City Mayor and Discusses Possibilities Of Collaborating In Next Year’s Tainan 400 Events
2023-05-23Donated Picture Books Arrive in Edinburgh. Tainan Mayor Describes It As A Gesture Of Friendship
2023-05-15French Senator Alain Richard Visits Tainan, Mayor Huang Wei-che Gifts French-flag Print Orchids To Thank Long-term Support
2023-05-08Tainan City’s Yeh Shih-Tao Literature Memorial Museum and Longci Light Festival Win German iF Design Award
2023-04-21Tainan Marmalade Maker Lin Wei-Xun Wins Gold Medal At UK’s World’s Original Marmalade Awards & Festival, Tainan Mayor Hopes The Win Will Promote Tainan’s Produce To The World
2023-04-12Building A Muslim-Friendly Destination: Tainan City Now Has 19 Halal Certified Businesses
2023-04-06Tainan Mayor Exchanges Letter of Intent With Edinburgh Councillor And Looks Forward To More Interactions Between The Two Cities
2023-03-23Tainan Resumes Physical City Interactions, Mayor Huang Wei-che And US Torrance City Mayor George Chen Sign International Friendship City Agreement
2023-03-14The 2023 Taiwan International Orchid Show Officially Kicks Off, Foreign Representatives In Taiwan And Overseas Media Congregate In Tainan For The Event
2023-03-06Taiwan Presents Orchids With Turkish Flag Colors To Express Condolences To Earthquake Victims, Action Covered By Turkish Television Station TRT
2023-02-24Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che Attends AIT and Yi Tsai Club Banquet Organized To Facilitate More Collaborations Between Taiwan And US Industries
2023-02-23Tainan Mayor Huang Travels to Taipei to Promote the Taiwan International Orchid Show
2023-02-16Yujing Cold Chain Logistics Center Begins Construction And Will Benefit Tainan’s Agricultural Product Exports