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2016-11-23Tribute to Rescuers at Tainan Charity Premiere of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk
2016-11-11Tainan Ups Carbon Reduction Targets as Paris Agreement Kicks off
2016-11-08Go-ahead for Tainan’s Green Energy Science Park in Shalun
2016-11-04English-Friendly Emblems Are Unveiled, Upping the Pace of Tainan’s Internationalization
2016-10-27Baseball city diplomacy wins again: Tainan and Chandler, Arizona sign friendship agreement
2016-10-24Tainan Mayor Meets Asian Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights
2016-10-1917 Troupes from 14 Countries Perform in the 2016 Nan Ying International Folklore Festival
2016-10-18Tainan Welcomes Officials from Kansas City
2016-10-14Snohomish Delegation Visits Tainan
2016-10-11Mayor Leads Delegation to Hirado and Kumamoto
2016-10-04Mayor William Lai Visits Californian Cities
2016-10-03Israel Donates Earthquake-Proof Tables to Tainan City
2016-09-10Ondekoza, Back in Tainan Eleven Years On
2016-09-10Monorail Will Complete Tainan’s Public Transport
2016-09-08Penang Delegation in Tainan for Talks on Building up Business Partnership
2016-09-06Tainan Holds Conference for Its Smart City Project
2016-09-02Sendai Mayor in Tainan for 10th Anniversary as Friendship Cities
2016-08-25Tainan City Bus provides a safe and thrilling way to play Pokémon Go
2016-08-22Tainan’s Unique Traditional Folk Culture - Celebration of Ciniangma’s Birthday and Rite of Passage for 16-Year-Olds
2016-08-22Go-ahead for Major Projects, Set to Boost Local Development and Bring Tainan’s City Vision Nearer to Reality