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2022-07-01The Screening Station in Tainan City Will Provide Services Until July 3 (Ver. 20220701)
2022-06-29Tainan’s Exclusive Reading Website for Kindergarteners Book Little Planet Sees Positive Results
2022-06-21Counting Down 500 Days Until the 2023 National Games: Tainan City Government Releases First Promotional Video “It’s Tainan’s Turn”
2022-06-20Information about Screening Stations in Tainan City (June 20- June 26) (Ver. 20220620)
2022-06-16Second Doses of COVID-19 Vaccination for Kids Aged 5-11 in Tainan City To Be Opened for Reservation (Ver. 20220616)
2022-06-14Mayor Huang Wei-che Chats Tainan’s Delicacies, Tourism, and Developments With Overseas Compatriots Online
2022-06-09Information about Screening Stations in Tainan City (June 13- June 19) (Ver. 20220609)
2022-06-06Centralized Vaccination in Campuses for Kids Aged 5-11 to Be Launched on June 7 (Ver. 20220606)
2022-06-06Getting Ready For The New 5G Era: Askey Computer Sets Up First Traffic Data Application R&D Center In Tainan
2022-06-01COVID-19 Important Tips—For Confirmed Cases
2022-06-01COVID-19 Important Tips-For Preparation
2022-05-30Information about Screening Stations in Tainan City (May 30- June 5) (Ver. 20220530)
2022-05-30Canadian Representative Reeves Visits Tainan City Government, Looks Forward To Enhancing Education Collaborations. Mayor Huang Gifts Him Canadian Flag-Colored Orchids To Show Support
2022-05-26Updated Information About Screening Stations in Tainan City (Ver. 20220526)
2022-05-24More Pfizer-BNT Vaccination Clinics Opened for Children (Ver. 20220524)
2022-05-23Information About Screening Stations in Tainan City (May 23- May 29) (Ver. 20220523)
2022-05-23Agenda of COVID-19 Outpatient Clinics Opened by Hospitals in Tainan City (Ver. 20220523)
2022-05-20Tainan Opens First Privately Managed Public Infant Care Center, Mayor Huang Wei-che Aspires To Provide More Childcare Options
2022-05-20Teenagers and Children in Tainan Can Register for the First and Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccines
2022-05-17List of Hospitals That Provide PCR Specimen Collection Services, Outpatient Services and Drug Administration Services in Tainan City