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Great News for Tainan Citizens! Tainan Has Been Selected By CNN As One Of The Best Places To Visit In 2024

After being listed among 30 most exciting destinations to visit in 2024 by the National Geographic Traveller, Tainan has further been selected as one of the best 24 places to visit in 2024 by the world-famous CNN at the beginning of this year, marking it the only Taiwanese city on the list. After the list was published, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) has posted the information on its Facebook fanpage.


In its article titled “Where to go in 2024:  The best places to visit”, CNN has featured Tainan in its list and mentioned that 2024 marks the Tainan 400. The city has become a Taiwan hotspot on the international stage with the highest overall hotel occupancy rate in Taiwan in the past two years, which has surpassed the capital Taipei. The article further described what makes Taiwan so special. For example, Tainan has been considered the street food capital of Taiwan and is loved for its beef soups and oyster omelets, otherworldly natural landscapes (check out Tsao Shan Moon World located in Zuojhen District), scenic sunsets over salt farms, colorful old temples and cool new museums. This article also highlighted that Tainan was listed among Booking.com’s top 10 sustainable tourism destinations in 2023.


Mayor Huang Wei-che remarked that, it is such a great honor shared by Tainan citizens through being recognized as a must-visit destination in 2024 by such an internationally well-known media like CNN, especially during our commemoration of Tainan’s 400th anniversary. This article has addressed the rich culinary culture, abundant cultural history, and stunning natural landscapes of Tainan, serving the unique niches for tourists from around the world to explore Tainan in-depth.


Mayor Huang also pointed out that, in addition to owning inherent environment conditions, various stakeholders in Tainan have spared no efforts to welcome international tourists after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. By improving hospitality services in regard to food, accommodation, entertainment, shopping, and transportation, we are committed to serving an internationally tourist-friendly environment and it is expected that the warm hospitality of Tainan citizens can be conveyed to every international tourist. In the future, the city government will continue to invite more global visitors to Tainan. We are hoping that Tainan can make more friends from around the world in Tainan 400 through every lovely meeting.