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WHEE IN in Tainan and received with Tainan gourmet prepared by Mayor Huang Wei-Che

The Young Christmas and New Year & Eve Festivities Series in Tainan City is kicking off with the “Christmas Rock Concert” tomorrow (Dec 23rd). Whee In, one of the members of the prominent Korean girl group MAMAMOO, arrived in Taiwan yesterday night and was received by a lot of fans at the airport. Today, the Tainan City Government organized a press briefing exclusive for Whee In. To welcome her, Mayor Huang Wei-che especially prepared beef noodles and boba milk tea which were on Whee In's must-eat list, as well as mangoes, ponkans (Chinese honey orange), and the sweet dumplings for the winter solstice.


Affirmed by Mayor Huang Wei-che, everybody is waiting anxiously and eagerly for the "Young Christmas and New Year & Eve Festivities Series". As the queue line was just opened up for the public today, numerous fans, fearing not the cold snap, have already set up tents in front of the stage. Apart from highlighting the wonderful performances that will take place soon, Mayor Huang also reminded the fans to “take care and not to catch a cold!”


Whee In mentioned that she wanted to "drink milk tea" and Mayor Huang kept it in mind. To her surprise, dozens of boba milk tea from renowned drink shops were taken to her so that Whee In could feel the charm of this "sugar city". In addition, Mayor Huang also prepared different Tainanese delicacies, including beef noodles, ponkan (Chinese honey orange), and the IQF (instantly frozen) mangoes, thanking her for coming to and performing in the Christmas Rock Concert in Tainan and hoping that she could feel like home.


As we welcome superstars from different countries and places, Mayor Huang intends to take this chance to introduce all Tainanese goodies to them so that all the featured artists can fall in love with Tainan.


Whee In has visited Taiwan several times, but this was her first time in Tainan. With all the enthusiasm and constant smiles from Tainanese people, she savored the local mangoes and dried tomatoes as well as the sweet dumplings for the winter solstice --- “delicious!”, she said. Whee In mentioned that during the interactions she had on social media before coming to Taiwan, many Taiwanese fans already suggested her lists of must-eat food. Today, the Tainan City Government brought everything to her. She was very thankful for the gesture and hoped that she could try more delicacies in her free time.


Whee In also shared that during her previous visits to Taiwan, MAMAMOO and herself alone had met fans from Tainan. Whether they were fans from Taiwan or Tainan, they were all particularly keen and energetic. After every performance, Taiwanese fans would always give them a lot of positive energy, so she really looked forward to the concert this time. Anecdotally, the staff showed Whee In photos of fans setting up the tents in front of the stage amid the cold snap. With a smile on her face, Whee In admitted that she was quite shocked.


Whee In's charm is definitely irresistible. Last Monday when the Tainan City Government announced the guest of surprise, fans immediately occupied the best spots of the concert with cartons. However, the venue was cleared up by the City Government and was re-opened for the public to queue the line. Many people were seen early in the morning at the line, waiting for the concert.


On December 23rd, the Christmas Rock Concert will take place at Yonghua Civic Center West Plaza with Whee In from the Korean girl group MAMAMOO; Yoga Lin, superstar of Chinese pop music; super popular band Accusefive; the gifted musician OSN; Mixer, winner-band of the Golden Melody Award; Kasiwa, winner of the Golden Melody Award Best Singer (Indigenous Language); singer-songwriter Boon Hui Lu; and Dutch singers Martin Hurkens and Marjolein --- the best Christmas concert in Taiwan. Also, stay tuned with the two New Year's Eve concerts that will take place at Yonghua Civic Center West Plaza and Nanying Green Heart Park in Xingying so that we can embrace 2024 together.


Christmas Rock Concert

Time: Evening on Dec 23

Place: Yonghua Civic Center West Plaza

Yoga Lin, Accusefive, OSN, Mixer, Kasiwa, Boon Hui Lu, Martin Hurkens & Marjolein


Tainan Good Young New Year's Party

Time: Evening on Dec 31

Place: Yonghua Civic Center West Plaza

Kim Se Jeong, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Eric Chou, W0LF(S), Eve Ai, Chih Siou, VERIVERY, Tyson Yoshi, Dino Lee, Janice Yan, Tsai Huang Ru (Flo), AcQUA, VERA feat. LCY, Dwagie, JADE, NEXT GIRLZ-Purple Crush


Nanying New Year's Party

Time: Evening on Dec 31

Place: Nanying Green Heart Park (No.5 Park)

Eve Ai, Jacky Chen, SHOU, Sammy Chang, Kelly Cheng, FAN, Litzangboy, Shadow Project, Kang Kang, Jane Zhang, Tzu-ru Band


For more information, please visit the "Young Christmas and New Year & Eve Festivities Series" official website or Facebook Fan Page:

Official website: https://tainanyoung.com.tw/

Facebook Fan Page: https://tainanyoung.com.tw/