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The 1922 Vaccination Appointment System is Opened for the 25th Round of Reservation for Booster Shots between Mar. 2 and Mar. 4

The 1922 Vaccination Appointment System has opened for its 25th round of reservation for booster shots from 10:00 of Mar. 2 to 12:00 of Mar. 4. There’s different reservation period for various age groups. Please follow the instructions to register.  The vaccination will be given between Mar. 7 and Mar. 13.

Besides, Tainan vaccination reservation website will be opened on every Wednesday to Friday for citizens aged 18 and above to make an appointment of COVID-19 booster shots. From Mar. 1 to Mar. 31, one who is aged 65 or older and complete the third dose in district health stations, clinics and vaccination sites located in Tainan will be able to receive a gift prepared by the city government.