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Tainan Initiates City-side Home Care System: All 37 Districts Set Up District-level Home Care Service Centers

Responding to the surging wave of the pandemic, Tainan City has officially launched its city-wide Home Care Service Centers. This measure aims to address people’s concerns about the disease, while also preserving hospital capacity to take care of confirmed individuals with high-risk or serious symptoms. On April 26, 2022, all 37 districts in Tainan City have established district-level Home Care Service Centers to provide at-home patients with care services. The aim is to lower infection risks, contain the virus, and offer timely support for those undergoing home care.

               According to Mayor Huang Wei-che, 99% of the currently confirmed cases experience only mild symptoms. Due to the high transmission rate of the Omicron variant, we will for sure see the number of local cases rise rapidly. To ensure normal operation of the medical system, the mayor has gathered relevant bureau heads and district chiefs of the 37 districts to come together for discussion about immediate measures to take. Through this "Home Care Program", eligible cases can be cared for at home. The city government is also offering home care individuals with necessary health and life support. Mayor Huang also called on the public to make more use of online applications and telephone consultations, reduce visits in public places, and protect the health of themselves and others as the pandemic spreads.

               According to Director-general Jiang Lin-huang of the Bureau of Civil Affairs, district offices are the administrative units that are closest to the needs of the people. In order to increase the service capacity of the city government, the Civil Affairs Bureau instructed all 37 district offices to set up district-level Home Care Service Centers at each district office. For those with certain needs during home care, please call the Tainan City Home Care Center at (06) 390-1551, or the Home Care Center Hotline. The service hours are Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every day. During non-working hours, you can dial the 1999 city service line. All citizens who have home care needs are welcomed to access these resources.