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Descriptions of Forty-six Newly Confirmed Cases in Tainan City Announced on Apr. 24

On Apr. 24, Tainan City Government announced  46 newly confirmed cases, while infection sources of 17 cases are still under investigation. Districts where the cases live in are Annan, Guiren, East, Yongkang, Yuejing, Qigu, South, Xigang, Xinshi, Shanhua, North, Jiali, Anping, Rende, Liujia and Beihe.
Footprints of the above-mentioned cases were listed in the attachment. The city government urges citizens who had visited the same places as the cases did to acquire a COVID-19 home-test kit with the cell broadcast text message and ID card from any of 37 district health stations in Tainan City (weekday: 08:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30; weekend: 14:00-17:00); please be sure to report the test result within 24 hours after acquisition.