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Descriptions of Thirty-three Newly Confirmed Cases in Tainan City Announced on Apr. 21

On Apr. 21, Tainan City Government announced thirty-three newly confirmed cases. Districts where the cases live in are Shanhua, Liujia, East, Yongkang, Xinying, Syuejia, Annan, West-central, North, South, Rende, Cigu, Baihe, Anping, Guiren, and Liouying.


Footprints of the above-mentioned cases were listed in the attachment. The city government urges citizens who had visited the same places as the cases did to acquire a COVID-19 home-test kit with the cell broadcast text message and ID card from any of 37 district health stations in Tainan City (weekday: 08:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30; weekend: 14:00-17:00); please be sure to report the test result within 24 hours after acquisition.