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Coverage of Cable TV Companies

Tainan City currently has four cable television system providers: Sun Crown, Twin Stars, HYA Cable TV, and NT CATV, which have differing coverage areas.

Sun Crown provides service to customers in the east, south, and central-west sections of the city. 

Twin Stars provides service to customers in the north section of the city as well as Anping District and Annan District.

HYA Cable TV provides service to customers in Yongkang District, Xinhua District, Sinshih District, Anding District, Shanhua District, Shanshang Township, Yujing District, Juojhen District, Nansi District, Nanhua District, Gueiren District, Rende District, Guanmiao District, Longci District, and Danei District. 

NT CATV provides service to customers in Madou District, Sinying District, Jiali District, Houbi District, Baihe District, Dongshan District, Xiaying District, Yanshuei District, Liouying District, Lioujia District, Guantian District, Cigu District, Sigang District, Syuejia District, Beimen District, and Jiangjyun District.