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Video and Digital Media Marketing Division:
1. Advise and regulate movie industry, which includes screenings and release dates.

A. Tainan City currently has a total of 10 movie theaters, which includes Ambassador Theatres, the flagship store of Ambassador Theatres, Vieshow Cinemas, Shin Kong Cinemas, Nantai Cinemas, Xinjianguo Cinemas (lit. “Newly Built Nation Cinemas”), Jin Rih Theater, Chuan Mei Theater, Madou Cinemas, and Vieshow Cinemas at T.S. Dream Mall.

B. Assist movie industry-related companies apply for public screening permits as well as permission to make changes.

Make sure movie theaters meet public safety requirements, and regularly arrange for the city’s Public Engineering Office, Fire Bureau, Department of Health, and other government units to carry out inspections with Department of Information and International Relations. Oversee companies to ensure that at all times they are meeting safety regulations, which includes preparing employees for disaster prevention measures so that public will be kept safe.

C. Advise companies so that they screen movies legally, and regularly visit movie theaters to make sure they have licenses to show movies as well as are labeling movies with film ratings. If a company is caught violating a movie screening regulation(s), the Department of Information and International Relations will make a record of it, and then write a letter to inform the Ministry of Culture’s Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, which will determine the appropriate punishment.

2. Advise and Regulate Cable Television System Providers

A. Tainan City currently has four cable television system providers: Sun Crown, Twin Stars, HYA Cable TV, and NT CATV, which have differing coverage areas. Sun Crown provides service to customers in the east, south, and central-west sections of the city. Twin Stars provides service to customers in the north section of the city as well as Anping District and Annan District. HYA Cable TV provides service to customers in Yongkang District, Xinhua District, Sinshih District, Anding District, Shanhua District, Shanshang Township, Yujing District, Juojhen District, Nansi District, Nanhua District, Gueiren District, Rende District, Guanmiao District, Longci District, and Danei District. NT CATV provides service to customers in Madou District, Sinying District, Jiali District, Houbi District, Baihe District, Dongshan District, Xiaying District, Yanshuei District, Liouying District, Lioujia District, Guantian District, Cigu District, Sigang District, Syuejia District, Beimen District, and Jiangjyun District.

B. Monitor the programs broadcasted by cable television system providers to see if laws are being violated. If a resident files a report, the Department of Information and International Relations will record that program and carry out an investigation. If Cable Television Law or Satellite Radio and Television Law is determined to have been violated, a record will be written and then given to the National Communications Commission (NCC), who will then determine the appropriate punishment.

C. Tainan City’s cable television prices are based on regulations found in Cable Television Law, which states that the NCC will determine retail prices.

3. Developing and Regulating Tainan City Public Television Channel 3

A. The Department of Information and International
Relations will advise the city’s cable television system providers so that they follow the law and provide Public Television Channel 3 free of charge. One of the main purposes of Public Television Channel 3 is to give back to the local area as well as to close the distance between media and the public. Another purpose of the channel is to show programs about government organizations, schools, and groups. The channel will also encourage the public to watch programs about charity projects and social work, education, the arts, and events that are for the public good and/or help meet citizens’ needs.

B. Hold public television video events, which invite
people from all over the nation, such as social activists or volunteers; university students in film and television departments or cultural and creative industries departments; and students in high schools, junior high schools, or vocational schools to submit images or videos about Tainan City’s beautiful (scenic) spots as well as its diversity. Videos that are shown on public television are part of an effort to make media closer to the public so that media focuses on local people and the lives of everyday citizens.

4. Hold training courses for developing photography and film talent as part of an effort to encourage the public to record and showcase the varying lifestyles of the area. Then broadcast the creative projects of the people mentioned above on public television to showcase their work, which will help preserve memories of the city as well as bring the people of Tainan City together.