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Tainan Opens First Privately Managed Public Infant Care Center, Mayor Huang Wei-che Aspires To Provide More Childcare Options

Tainan City Government launched the city’s first privately managed public infant care center at Guangwu Community Center as part of its affordable infant care programs. On May 10, Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che attended the opening ceremony and announced that the city’s public childcare subsidy and allowance will be increased in August. The goal is to provide a wider range of high-quality childcare services while easing the financial pressure on parents.


The Mayor stated that starting this August, Tainan City’s public childcare subsidy will be increased from NTD 4,000 to 5,500, and childcare allowances will be raised from NTD 3,500 to 5,000. He hopes to make Tainan a happy city where residents are willing to get married, have children, and raise a family.


Huang added that currently Tainan has 11 public childcare facilities and 85 quasi-public infant care centers. The City Government is in the process of setting up 5 privately managed public infant care centers in Sinshih, Annan, Shanhua, North, and South Districts, respectively.


The Guangwu Privately Managed Public Infant Care Center will accept 32 infants and toddlers under the age of two. There is no registration charge for the professional childcare service and weaning foods are included in the NTD 9,000 monthly fee. Parents can also apply for an NTD 4,000 minimum monthly childcare subsidy.