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Students’ Learning Environment Is A Focus of Mayor Huang Wei-che, Tainan Shalun K-12 Bilingual School Expected To Be Completed in 2025

In concordance with the Executive Yuan’s Shalun Green Energy Science City project, Tainan City Government invested approximately NTD 850 million to transform Shalun Junior High School into a K(indergarten) -12 bilingual school. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che inspected Shalun Junior High School on Oct. 13. He expressed that he looks forward to the new education environment and hopes the construction will be completed to satisfaction on schedule as this project can accelerate Tainan’s progress in becoming a bilingual city.


The Mayor remarked that Shalun Green Energy Science City is a major national development policy. The establishment is expected to attract local and international technology R&D talents and Shalun Junior High School will be transformed into a K-12 bilingual school to accommodate the educational needs of the international professionals’ children. 


Huang pointed out that Tainan is speeding up its progress in rolling out bilingual education, and hopes that the future courses and teaching methods at Shalun K-12 Bilingual School will boost Tainan’s bilingual city transformation progress.


Bureau of Education Director-general Cheng Hsin-hui explained that the Shalun Junior High School transformation project is designed from a “learning hub” sharing concept. The open and flexible education space allows students from different age groups and schooling systems to interact and learn from each other.