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Tainan Shalun Green Energy Science City Office Holds Opening Ceremony, Mayor Huang Wei-che Expects Office to Serve Full Coordination And Operation Functions

The Shalun Green Energy Science City Office held its opening ceremony on Sep. 29. Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che attended the event and encouraged the Office to actively serve its purpose in communicating central government policies, coordinating relevant internal government agencies, and developing the Science City.


The Mayor remarked that under the joint efforts of central and local government institutions, entities from the industries, academia, research, and public sectors have gradually entered the Green Energy Science City. So far the development progress has laid down a considerable foundation and shows decent results. Huang also mentioned that Shalun Green Energy Science City displays the future development goals of Tainan in the areas of living convenience, research momentum, and potential cultural development in the surrounding areas. In addition to collaborating with Tainan Science Park, Huang pointed out that the Science City can also work closely with ITRI and MoEA to ignite more R&D innovations in Tainan.


Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Tseng Wen-Sheng expressed his gratitude to Mayor Huang Wei-che at the ceremony. He said that with the assistance of the Tainan City Government, the construction of the Science City had an early start and has made significant progress. The Ministry of Economic Affairs will continue to work with Tainan City Government to develop the Science City and bring in central government resources to stimulate local development.


As part of the ongoing Tainan Science Park & Shalun Green Energy Science City "Double Engine" Project, Tainan City Government will launch various mechanisms to attract investments from domestic and international major manufacturers and legal persons. The objective is to build an industry cluster, speed up the operations and management of Shalun Green Energy Science City, and eventually galvanize regional investment, development, and innovation.