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Tainan's High-quality pomelos Hit the Shelves of Singapore's Largest Chain Supermarket. Mayor Huang Wei-che Hopes Farmers Benefit from Diverse Marketing Channels

Tainan's pomelos are entering their harvest season. As orders from home and abroad start to flow in, co-op packaging factories have kicked off their export packaging and cargo stacking operations. On August 20, Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che announced that Tainan's pomelos will be exported to Singapore. Singaporeans can buy the fruits at the nation's largest chain supermarket (NTUC Fairprice) as well as local wholesale and retail locations such as wholesale markets and other small retail supermarkets.


The Mayor remarked that Tainan's pomelos are well-known for their quality, and since this year’s production volume is 5% more than last year, more quality produce are available for domestic and overseas markets. He also mentioned the new fruit sugar meters subsidized by Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture. Huang hopes that with additional scientific growing methods, Tainan can cultivate even better pomelos in the future and expand marketing channels to more countries.


According to the Agriculture Bureau, this year the flowering and fruit setting statuses of Tainan’s pomelos were quite stable. The occurrence rate of pests and diseases on the fruits was also low, resulting in beautiful fruits. By mid-August, Tainan has already exported pomelos to China, Hong Kong, Canada, and Singapore. The total export volume reached 441 tons. The Bureau also remarked that this year they employed a three-way marketing approach to increase the fruit’s output value and competitiveness: set up diverse marketing channels domestically, expand export markets beyond China, and initiate pomelos processing and procurement measures accordingly.