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Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Imported Case: Case #15999 (2021/08/18)

On August 18, Tainan City Government announced the footprints of an imported Case #15999, a female in her forties living in Kaohsiung City. She entered Taiwan from India on May 17 and tested COVID-19 negative one day after her entry and right before her home quarantine ended. On July 23, she had the first Covid-19 vaccine dose. On August 17, since she planned to return to India, she went to a hospital for specimen collection and testing and thus was confirmed as a COVID-19 case with CT value over 30.


Case #15999’ s footprints in Tainan on August 10 and 11 are listed as the appendix below. As she had been to the baseball stadium twice for watching baseball games, the Uni Lions players and stadium staff were asked to take rapid tests and their test results are negative.