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Premier Su Tseng-chang Inspects Sanye River Flood Control Results. Huang Wei-che Turns in Outstanding Performance

Premier Su Tseng-chang visited Tainan on August 10 to inspect the drainage construction work at Sanye River as well as the city’s flood control project results. He was escorted by Mayor Huang Wei-che. To improve drainage systems and mitigate flooding problems along the river, Premier Su requested that the Water Resources Agency of MOEA should complete all project constructions by the end of 2022. He also hoped that the central and local governments can join hands to overcome the challenges brought forth by the flood season.


The Premier expressed that the main objective of flood control is to safeguard the public’s lives and property, and this major flood control project presents how the close collaboration of central and local governments can bring forth concrete results. He pointed out that the special budget for the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program: Overall rivers and draining system improvement - city/county does not discriminate between central and regional governments, and the most effective flood control strategy must be implemented from a territorial planning and comprehensive flood control perspective.


Mayor Huang Wei-che agreed that this is a very good example of the central and local governments working together to solve flood issues. He thanked the central government for launching the Forward-looking Program which approved many major flood control infrastructure projects in Tainan. These projects, which received approximately NTD 108 million of budget, include drainage renovations, new flood detention pools, new drainage pump stations, and stormwater sewers. Huang also thanked the past mayors for continuously working on these issues so now the city has many flood control and prevention projects which are gradually improving the flooding problems in Tainan.


The Mayor further expressed that Tainan City government will continue to work on various flood control improvement projects and hope that the Premier and relevant agencies can supply the budget for the projects so that the city can improve the local flooding situation as soon as possible. Through the cooperation between the central and local governments, Tainan can overcome the challenges of flooding and enjoy prosperous development.