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Tainan City Announces Latest Live-Streaming Schedule for First and Second-Grade Elementary School Students (2021/6/11)

In response to the Ministry of Education’s announcement to suspend classes till July 2, Tainan City government has released the latest live-streaming schedule (June 15 to July 2) specifically for first-grade and second-grade schoolchildren in Tainan City, hoping that the lower-grade elementary kids can continue their studies at home.    


Tainan city’s public streaming courses have received much praise and recognition from nationwide parents and students. So far, the live streaming videos have accumulated over 6,57 million views, with 300,000 daily viewers on average. The online curriculum was originally scheduled till June 11, but the government has decided to continue live-streaming courses for lower-grade elementary school students, so as to provide more support for their self-directed learning at home. This curriculum is specially designed to spark children’s learning interest, strengthen their basic learning ability, and focus on real-life applications. Please see attachment for the latest course schedule.