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Descriptions of one newly confirmed case in Tainan and one case from Taoyuan City (2021/06/08)

Tainan City Government announced a newly confirmed case on June 8. Case #11615 is in her forties and lives with her husband (Case #11100 who was announced on June 6) in Rende District. She had a conversation with Case #5465 (announced on May 26) without a mask for an hour on May 20.

Case #11615 had experienced a slight elevation of her body temperature since May 23 and then visited a clinic due to fever on May 24, 26 and 28, respectively. She went to a hospital for specimen collection and testing on June 4 with a negative result. Since her husband was confirmed as a COVID-19 case, she has undergone home isolation started from June 5. However, as she continued to suffer from fever, she was referred by the Public Health Bureau to a hospital for her second specimen collection and testing on June 7 and was tested positive subsequently. Case #11615’s footprints are listed in appendix. 

In addition, a confirmed case from Taoyuan City (Case #11603) had stayed in Tainan City between May 28 and May 30. All of this case’s contacts have completed specimen collection and testing; his footprints had all been sanitized and disinfected and are listed as below.