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Tainan City Government’s Measures to Step Up Pandemic Prevention and Control among Migrant Workers (June 7, 2021)

In response to the cluster infection incident among migrant workers at King Yuan Electronics’ Zhunan Factory, Tainan City is stepping up measures to better prevent and control the epidemic among migrant workers. To control the outbreak effectively, the government calls for better coordination between migrant workers, employers and brokerage agencies.


Tainan City Government has announced the following measures for strengthened efforts to prevent and control the pandemic, especially among migrant workers:

  1. Strengthen inspection and supervision of dormitory facilities with more than 100 migrant workers.
  2. Strengthen inspection and supervision of businesses with more than 500 migrant workers.
  3. Notify brokerage agencies and employers to strictly adhere to ‘the Guidelines for workplace safety and health protection measures in response to Coronavirus’.
  4. Disseminate information to migrant workers about staying safe indoors and avoiding gathering (e.g. sharing meals and beverages, smoking, chatting, or drinking).
  5. Disseminate posters and pamphlets on epidemic prevention and control to brokers and employers to publicize and share with workers.


Tainan City Government is also stepping up the propaganda of disease prevention and control to the outreach of migrant worker community, including the following measures:

  1. Create ‘Line’ images that convey pandemic prevention and control information.
  2. Translate useful testing and screening information into Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and English, including ‘what kind of people eligible for testing’ and ‘testing sites in Tainan’.
  3. Encourage migrant workers to join to the Line groups of ’ Line@moving-know’, ‘disease prevention chatbots’, to stay updated on all the information related to COVID-19 prevention and control.
  4. Forward and disseminate information of disease prevention onto the billboards of brokerage companies’ Line groups.