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Minister of Science and Technology Visits Tainan with Representatives from Diplomatic Missions and Chambers of Commerce. Mayor Huang Hopes to Facilitate More Collaboration and Investment Opportunities

Minister Wu Tsung-tsong of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) led a delegation group consisted of 53 representatives from 29 counties' diplomatic missions and Chambers of Commerce to Tainan and visited the different zones in Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City on April 27. Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che joined the delegation at the Taiwan CAR Lab where they observed a test run of autonomous vehicles. To let the guests enjoy an authentic taste of Tainan, the Mayor also prepared many local snacks for them, such as Chou's Shrimp Rolls, Milkfish belly soup, and Anping tofu pudding. In the end, Mayor Huang gifted the visitors with delicious local dried fruits to finish up this perfect local delicacy and dried fruit diplomacy.


Mayor Huang Wei-che thanked Minister Wu for bringing the foreign guests to Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, which is one of Taiwan’s future major technology development centers. The Science City is home to a number of important institutes that will spur on technology development, including the ITRI Southern Region Campus, the southern branch of the Academia Sinica, autonomous vehicle testing field, NCTU Tainan Campus, and convention center.


Huang Wei-che noted that many high-tech manufacturers have noticed Tainan’s potential and are gradually setting up sites in Tainan. For instance, ASML’s EUV Training Center and TSMC’s 3nm production base are all located in Tainan. Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City is currently welcoming professionals and offers many land areas for investments.


The Mayor expressed that Tainan looks forward to welcoming and working with foreign partners from the academia and industries. He hoped that the guests can pass on Tainan’s latest state of development to the world and consequently facilitate more international collaborations.