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Tainan City Government Talks About the Future with Local Youth. Mayor Huang Wei-che Points Out Tainan’s Future Needs Youth Participation

On Youth Day (March 29), Tainan City Government held the Youth Citizen Forum, during which Mayor Huang Wei-che shared the city’s visions on the role of young people in Tainan. He encouraged young citizens to participate in public affairs and jointly explore the future potential of this century-old city.


The Mayor expressed that the youths are the masters of the city and the owners of the country, and the development of Tainan requires more dialogue with the younger generation. He invited the local youth to think about how to make the city and society a better place, and remarked that, by combining everyone’s imagination and creativity, we can build a city with endless possibilities. Huang also pointed out that Tainan strives to become a place where the younger generation is willing to marry, have and raise children.


According to the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) of Tainan City Government, the city government is actively promoting three major policies to make Tainan a more suitable place for young people to start businesses, find employment, and raise a family. Relevant measures include rolling out one-window services to nurture young entrepreneurs and assist startups, facilitating job matching at local industrial zones and inviting professionals from different fields to share their experiences with potential talents, and building more youth public housing and family recreation centers for small children so that Tainan can become a more pleasant place for children and young families.

The Youth Citizen Forum focused on technology development, people-oriented transportation, and youth revitalization. Speakers at the event included professionals from various fields, staff from the public sector, and youth representatives. Members from the Youth Committee of Tainan City Government sat as panelists during the Roundtable session and interacted with over fifty young participants. The session served as an opportunity for the youth to voice their opinions and for the Youth Committee to reinforce their relationship with local youth.