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Ukrainian Family Repairs Sailboat in Anping Harbor—Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che Expresses Concern and Directs Relevant Departments to Provide Timely Assistance

Ukrainian citizen Valeriy Koziyev encountered a malfunction with his sailboat while navigating the Taiwan Strait with his family on November 29, 2023. They made an emergency stop at Wuchi Fishing Port in Taichung. With assistance from the National Immigration Agency (NIA) and other relevant authorities, their boat arrived at Anping Harbor on December 27. Warhawk Sailing provided free lifting service and repairs. Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che expressed his concern and directed relevant city departments to proactively assist. Valeriy expressed his gratitude, thanking the Tainan City Government and all the people of Tainan for their care and support.


According to the Tainan City Government, Valeriy Koziyev, 51-year-old father of the family, Nataliia Koziyev, 38-year-old mother, and Ivan Koziyev, 13-year-old son, were traveling by boat in an attempt to escape the war. While the route to the Philippines, their boat experienced a rudder malfunction, so they had to make an emergency stop at Taichung Harbor. With assistance from the NIA, they were able to apply for short-term visas and subsequently sailed to Anping Harbor in Tainan to await repairs. 


While the Koziyev family repairs their boat, Tainan’s Social Affairs Bureau has introduced available private sector resources to ensure that the family has the necessary supplies while staying in Tainan. Upon learning of the incident, Xiuxi Anping Hotel promptly offered the Koziyev family free accommodation. Chunghwa Telecom provided internet card service to meet their communication needs. Chairman Chiu Rong-ling of LONG SPORTER CO. also visited the family to offer encouragement and practice assistance, including a stipend and meal support.


Valeriy expressed gratitude to the government agencies in Taiwan for their timely assistance. Thanks to the Tainan City Fishery Port and Offshore Management Office and the Coast Guard Administration, they were able to smoothly navigate their boat into Anping Harbor. With the equipment provided by Warhawk Sailing, they were able to lift and repair their vessel. He extended his heartfelt thanks to the Tainan City Government and to all who have lent a helping hand. Valeriy's 13-year-old son, Ivan Koziyev, conveyed his admiration for the people of Tainan, as everyone has been incredibly generous and friendly.


As for the repairing progress of the vessel, Valeriy said that the main issue of water leakage has been resolved, although work on fixing the rudder is still underway. Their upcoming voyage entails crossing the Pacific Ocean to Canada, so they are urgently seeking desalination equipment and are currently in the process of finding a supplier.


According to Chairman Peng Xian-en of Warhawk Sailing, there are sufficient repair facilities in Anping. With assistance from relevant authorities including the NIA, Valeriy's boat arrived here in December of last year (2023). Warhawk Sailing provided free ship repair services, including lifting assistance.