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Martin Hurkens Once Again Performing in Tainan and Exploring the 400-year History of Taiwan and the Netherlands with Marjolein Heijltjes

Martin Hurkens' performance has become one of the most expected performances during the Christmas season in Tainan city. This year (2023), in addition to "You Raise Me Up" and other songs that always warm up the hearts of the citizens, Marjolein Heijltjes will also performing with him for the first time in Taiwan. Martin, being the Tainan-know-it-all as he has visited Tainan several times, led the ways to visit the major attractions in Tainan together with Marjolein Heijltjes, exploring the intricate and sophisticated 400-year historical connections between Taiwan and the Netherlands.


Mayor Huang Wei-che pointed out that Martin's voice has always been adored by our citizens and friends. Having Marjolein in the performance will definitely spark up the show with different sensations. Furthermore, Mayor Huang Wei-che highlighted the significance of the two Dutch singers' presence before Tainan 400 --- it is not only a musical exchange but also a cultural interconnection. It is his hope that after their voyage through the cultural heritage and historical attractions in Tainan, they can blend their findings into their performances and show it to the audience so that more people can know and learn about Tainan. Indeed, this is the core spirit of "Tainan, Where you belong", Tainan 400.


Martin indicated that performing in Tainan at the end of the year is something that he looks forward to every year. He remembered his first visit in 2019 when he roamed around Anping in the double-deck sightseeing bus together with Mayor Huang Wei-che. Thus, this year, he took Marjolein Heijltjes to repeat the same trip - Anping Tree House, Sicao Dazhong Temple with Dutch tombs, Chimei Museum, Shanhua Sugar Factory, and others. They were more than lucky as the exhibition "Once Upon A Tainan Charm: Treasures from the National Palace Museum" happens to be the current exhibit in Tainan Art Museum, allowing them to appreciate the world-famous cultural relics just here in Tainan. In fact, they were amazed by Jadeite Cabbage and The Chicken Cup.


During her first visit to Tainan, Marjolein Heijltjes showed her high regard for the clean street views and the kindness of all the people around. In addition to Anping Fort where she could feel the historical connections between Taiwan and the Netherlands, Marjolein also stopped by Anping Old Street and Guohua Street to taste the local street food and delicacies. She even took the courage to challenge stinky tofu which is sometimes daunting for foreigners and ended up with many unique travel experiences.


Martin Hurkens and Marjolein Heijltjes will perform in the Christmas Rock Concert on December 23rd at Yonghua Civic Center West Plaza. For more information, please visit the official website or Facebook Fan Page of the 2024 Tainan is Young Christmas and New Year & Eve Festivities Series.


Official website: https://tainanyoung.com.tw/
Facebook Fan Page: https://tainanyoung.com.tw/