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Mayor Huang Wei-che Chats Tainan’s Delicacies, Tourism, and Developments With Overseas Compatriots Online

Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che hosted an online chat titled “Delicacies in Tainan” on June 6 with members of the San Jose-Tainan Sister City Association in California, USA, and overseas compatriots in the North American region. The Mayor talked about Tainan’s delicacies and tourism as well as the progress and changes in the city. The floor was open to questions and participants were welcome to chat about different topics such as local infrastructure and developments, education, and food.


A major agriculture production area, Tainan is well-known for its delicious snacks and produce. Mayor Huang proudly presented local snacks such as zongzi (rice dumplings), thick fish soup, ba wan (Taiwanese meatballs), in-season fruits like pineapples and mangoes, beers, noodles, and other creative products. He invited everyone to return to Tainan after the pandemic slows down to taste these treats and experience Tainan’s beauty and abundance.


The Mayor also mentioned that Tainan not only delivers fun and good food but also offers rich culture and history as well. Tainan will commemorate its 400th anniversary in 2024 and at the moment the city government is in the process of inviting world-renowned architect Andou Tadao to design the city’s Children’s Library. In terms of industry developments, Huang pointed out that major manufacturers, such as TSMC, are investing in Tainan.


This year marks the 45th anniversary of Tainan and San Jose’s sister city relationship. Huang Wei-che thanked the overseas compatriots in San Jose and North America for constantly thinking about Taiwan and Tainan and emphasized that they are important connections between Taiwan and the US. He expressed that hopefully the overseas compatriots can introduce Tainan’s local snacks and delicacies to their American friends and help Tainan’s agricultural goods enter the North American market.