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Centralized Vaccination in Campuses for Kids Aged 5-11 to Be Launched on June 7 (Ver. 20220606)

From Jun. 7 to Jun. 9, centralized vaccination stations for kids aged between 5 to 11 will be launched in campuses of 9 elementary schools (as the attachment). To avoid the crowds, vaccination will be given according to various time periods. Parents can bring your child with his/her NHI card and vaccination consent form to visit the station within a designated period of time (to be informed in advance). If you have any difficulties, please ask the homeroom teacher for further assistance. For details about vaccination time and process of each school, please refer to the announcement made by the Education Bureau (https://bulletin.tn.edu.tw/ViewDetail.aspx?Bid=-1&bbid=198337).

In addition to getting the shot in any of nearby centralized vaccination stations in campuses (free-appointment), eligible children can also make a reservation via “COVID-19 Vaccination Reservation System in Tainan City” to get vaccinated in hospitals/clinics.