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Getting Ready For The New 5G Era: Askey Computer Sets Up First Traffic Data Application R&D Center In Tainan

Askey Computer, a member of the 5G Tainan Team, set up the first traffic data application R&D center in Tainan and held the inauguration ceremony on May 25. Mayor Huang Wei-che expressed that the city government team will continue to work on 5G network applications and developments and help more businesses capitalize on commercial prospects in areas including industry IoT, smart medical care, smart transportation, and public safety.


According to the Mayor, this Traffic Data Application R&D Center in Nanying 5G R&D Building is a collaboration between the Tainan City Government and Askey Computer, a leading ICT equipment and infrastructure manufacturer and a member of the 5G Tainan Team. The Center will focus on solutions related to civil IoT, IoV, and enterprise private networks, as well as collaborate with other industries to come up with new applications and models to advance industry developments.


The Economic Development Bureau stated that after establishing the Nanying 5G Building as an outpost for 5G related applications, they can form a semiconductor industry corridor by connecting the Tainan Branch of Tainan Science Park, Luzhu Science Park, and Chiaotou Science Park. The corridor is expected to attract more businesses and investments and further strengthen the resilience and completeness of Tainan City’s industry development.