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City Oasis “Here Comes The Ship” Inaugurated In South District

The No. 61 public greenfield site next to Jiankang Road in South District was originally a temporary market. In the past two decades, different departments of the Tainan City Government worked together to relocate all vendors in this nearly two-hectare temporary market and began the construction of the city oasis park themed “Here Comes The Ship”.


Mayor Huang Wei-che pointed out that the high-quality equipment in this park is second to none and hopes the public are satisfied with them as well. He also announced that citizens can expect more infrastructure in this area in the coming years. The city government will continue to build more parks with themed playgrounds as the distinctive playgrounds add diversity to the parks and help Tainan become a more pleasant and livable city.


This city oasis park features an approximately 1,200 m² themed playground which reflects the neighboring canal bank scenery. Inspired by the 1661 Taiwan Warship, the  25 x 12-meter compound playground ship features a slide, climbing nets, climbing walls, and sliding ropes. Since this is a family-friendly park, the new infrastructure also includes a public family toilet. The structure is built with faux architectural concrete and metal pillars shaped like tree trunks to blend in with the park’s surroundings.