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Tainan Convention And Exhibition Center Officially Inaugurated, Mayor Huang Wei-che Expects It To Increase The Visibility Of Tainan’s Industries And Bring More Business Opportunities

The Tainan Convention and Exhibition Center, which cost over NTD 2 billion to build, held its official inauguration ceremony on April 21. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che thanked the central government for funding the construction of the huge convention center in Tainan, saying it will help the city’s economic development and academic exchanges, as well as bring in international conference events and business for local MICE industries. Vice President Lai Ching-te and Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua were also present at the event.


The Mayor thanked Vice President Lai Ching-te for his vision when serving as the Mayor of Tainan. Now Shalun has transformed from an abandoned piece of land into a thriving zone with a convention center, school, research center, and shopping mall. The development and progress of the park area are visible to all. Huang also expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Economic Affairs as they have selected a suitable location for the Tainan Convention and Exhibition Center. He hopes that the operations of the Center will be outstanding so that everyone can see the development of Taiwan.


With a total base area of 52,000 square meters, the Tainan Convention and Exhibition Center comprises four levels above ground and one level underground. The building is designed to have no pillars in the interior space and has conference rooms for thousands of participants as well as 600 standard booth spots. The first expo held at the Convention Center was the 2022 Tainan Automatic Machinery & Intelligent Manufacturing Show. The venue provided an ideal display platform for machinery manufacturers while simultaneously promoting Tainan as a major manufacturing hub and smart city.