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Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Case of Tainan City: Case #20912

On Mar. 6, Tainan City Government announced two newly confirmed cases who are both living with Case #20912 announced yesterday. 
Case # 20973 is a female in her sixties from Yanshui District. She had received three doses of COVID-19 vaccination and did not experience any symptoms. As Case # 20912 was confirmed, she was identified to undertake home isolation and specimen collection and was then confirmed as a COVID-19 case with a Ct value of 11.71. 
Case #20974, a male in his seventies living in Yanshui District, is the husband of Case #20973. He had received two doses of COVID-19 vaccination. He started to cough on March 5, and he was also identified to undertake home isolation because of Case #20912. After receiving specimen collection, he was confirmed as a COVID-19 case with a Ct value of 14.29.
Footprints of the above-mentioned cases were listed in the attachment. All the places they had been to are all cleaned and disinfected. As the two cases own a grocery store, the city government urges citizens who are worried to be infected can reach the community screening site located in Da Zhuang Grand Matsu Temple to get screened at 13:00-16:00 of Mar. 6.