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Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Case of Tainan City: Case #20912

On Mar. 5, Tainan City Government announced Case #20912. He’s a male in his sixties living in Yanshui District. He had gone on a trip by bus with Kaohsiung’s Case #20861 between Feb. 20 to Feb. 22. On Feb. 28, he started to show symptoms like cough, a runny nose and a stuffy nose. On Mar. 4, since Case #20861 was confirmed as a COVID-19 case, he was identified to undergo home isolation; after the specimen collection, he was confirmed as a COVID-19 case with a Ct value of 21.


For Case #20912’s footprints, please see the attachment. All the places he had visited are all cleaned and disinfected; 24 contacts of this case have all been identified to receive specimen collection and to conduct home isolation, self-health management and monitoring.


City Government urges who had same footprints as Case #20912 had to reach to Yanshui District Health Station to acquire a COVID-19 home test kit at 15:30-17:30 of Mar. 5 to 09:00-11:00 of Mar. 6.