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Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Case in Tainan: Case #20216

On Feb. 22, Tainan City announced a newly confirmed case. Case #20216, a female in her twenties living in Guiren with her family members Case #19862, #19949, #20101 and #20164. She also had contacted with Case #19732 from Kaohsiung on Feb. 12 and then was identified to undertake home isolation with a negative test result; On Feb. 16, she had a mild fever but still tested negative at that time. On Feb. 20, as Case #20164, whom she has taken care of, was confirmed, she undertook another specimen collection, yet her test result was still negative. It was not until she tested once again on Feb. 21 that she was confirmed as a COVID-19 case with a Ct value of 31.94.  

Information regarding this case was listed in the attachment. The city government once again urges who had same footprints as Case #19862, #20101 had or those who are from the cases’ community and school to receive specimen collection in Kan Xi Village’s activity center in Guiren District between 17:00 to 19:00 on Feb. 22.