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Descriptions of a Newly Confirmed Case of Tainan City: Case #20164

On Feb. 21, Tainan City Government announced Case #20164. He’s a boy aged under 10 living in Guiren District with his family members: Case #19862, #19949, #20101. On Feb. 14, he was identified to undergo home isolation due to his contact history with Kaohsiung’s Case #19732; his COVID-19 test result at that time was negative. On Feb. 17, though he had a runny nose, his test result was still negative. On Feb. 19, he showed symptoms like a runny nose and fever; after another specimen collection, he was confirmed as a COVID-19 case with a Ct value of 18.

For Case #20164’s footprints, please see the attachment. City Government urges who had same footprints as Case #19862, #20101 had or those who are from the cases’ community and school to receive specimen collection in Kan Xi Village’s activity center in Guiren District between 17:00 to 19:00 on Feb. 21 and Feb. 22.