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US Columbus City Hosts Exhibition to Promote Horticulture of International Sister Cities. Tainan's Orchid Industry Widely Recognized

Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che recently recorded a video clip to cheer on the home team in Columbus City, Ohio, at this US sister city's new stadium. Now Tainan once again attracts the attention of the city’s residents: Tainan's orchid industry and the Taiwan International Orchid Show are part of the Sister Cities: Horticultural Sites, Events, and Developments exhibition hosted by Columbus City.


Mayor Huang expressed that among all of its sister cities, Tainan shares the longest relationship with Columbus City. The strong bond between the two cities was also demonstrated last year when the US was severely hit by the pandemic, Tainan sent over epidemic prevention supplies to help its old friend get through difficult times. Huang said he is happy to see that the two cities have maintained interactions even during the pandemic and thanked Columbus City for promoting Tainan's orchid industry. He also invited the residents of Columbus City to visit Tainan after it is safe to travel and personally experience Tainan's world-famous quality agriculture.


Columbus City remarked that since the pandemic has made traveling difficult, Sister Cities: Horticultural Sites, Events, and Developments was organized to showcase the impressive horticulture developments of the city’s international sister cities. The Taiwan International Orchid Show, which is held in Tainan every spring, was introduced at the exhibition as well as the Taiwan Orchid Plantation in Tainan, which is applauded as one of the largest greenhouse orchid industry clusters in the world and effectively enhances the competitiveness of Taiwan's orchid industry in the global market.


Located in Ohio State, USA, Columbus City and Tainan became sister cities in 1980 and have shared a friendship for more than 40 years. Focusing on the sister cities of Columbus City, Sister Cities: Horticultural Sites, Events, and Developments presents the horticulture features of the different cities at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The four-month-long exhibition closes at the end of October.