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Pokémon GO City Spotlight in Tainan: Mayor Huang Wei-che Invites Trainers to Have Fun

Here comes the Pokémon GO event again! Huang Wei-che, Mayor of Tainan, attended the press conference “ Pokémon GO City Spotlight ” on November 11, heralding the Pokémon GO one-day flash activity to trainers. Following the key theme event - Pokémon GO Safari Zone, the Niantic, Inc., which is the software developer of Pokémon GO, launched the new one-day flash activity. It’s about to kick off in four major cities in four different countries, which respectively are Tainan, Taiwan; Kyoto, Japan; Auckland, New Zealand and Busan, South Korea on November 22.


Mayor Huang stated that Pokémon GO is popular with all ages, but owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, numbers of players worldwide are suffering from stay-at-home orders. However, to better encourage people to regain social activity as usual and go outdoor as the pandemic subsides gradually, the Niantic, Inc. specially programmed the Pokémon GO City Spotlight one-day flash activity. Tainan is very honored to be elected as one of the four cities. Mayor Huang welcomes all the Pokémon GO trainers to catch rare Pokémons in Tainan and to resume face-to-face interactions with people; of course, he also addressed that proper preventive measures must be done in the six Pokémon hotspots assumed to be packed with people.


The “ Pokémon GO City Spotlight ” one-day flash activity will be held from 10a.m.to 6p.m. on November 22 , and Tainan City has designated 6 specific areas to be the Pokémon hotspots, including the Confucius Temple Cultural and Commercial District, the Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park, the Tainan Park, the Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium and the Cheng-Kung Campus of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU).


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