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Enhanced Novel Coronavirus Containment Measures: Successful Drill, Now Ready for Roll-out

Tainan City Government is the first nationwide to conduct a drill on off-site work for employees and on real-name registration for all visitors accessing city government services. This three-day drill started from March 25 and is now ready for roll-out after successful execution. These enhanced measures aim to urge public servants to take stronger precautions in epidemic prevention and control, and also to enhance public awareness on self-health management.  


“Prepare way in advance, prioritize epidemic prevention and control, ensure safe flows of people, and initiate spatial preparation.” These are the four main guiding principles established by Tainan City Government in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. To ensure continued public service and protect the safety of both government employees and all visitors to government agencies, Tainan City Government has put out specific measures, including consolidating service counters, adding transparent partition panels at counters to prevent infection, and requiring real-name registration for all incoming visitors. 


This new measure applies to all service counters both at the Yonghua Administration Center and the Mingzhi Administratin Center in Hsinying. At Younghua, 16 service counters under eight main city government agencies are consolidated on the first-floor and at the Dongzhe Hall. These eight agencies include the Bureau of Education, Bureau of Labor, Bureau of Social Affairs, Bureau of Agriculture, Bureau of Civic Affairs, Bureau of Urban Development, Bureau of Public Works, and Bureau of Economic Development.  


The measure of real-name registration required for all incoming visitors is crucial to mitigate infection risks, to better control and prevent the outbreak, and to establish an effective tracing mechanism in case of confirmed cases. Tainan City Government also reminds members of the public to carry their identity cards or documents when visiting government offices. All delivery and courier workers are also required to remain outside of government buildings. There is a designated outdoor area for the delivery and handling of goods and items. This is one example of how the government takes stock of office spaces and purposes them to meet new needs during the epidemic. 


To strengthen coronavirus containment, especially during the upcoming four-day Tomb Sweeping Day holiday when mass flows of people move around, Tainan City Government strongly urges all citizens to take careful precautionary measures. For individuals who need medical support, please feel free to call our hotline at 06-2880180 or contact local health centers.