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Non-stop Support from Tainan City Government: Advance Preparation of 3,000 Quarantine Care Kits

To support citizens undergoing home quarantine or home isolation due to COVID-19, Tainan City Government has prepared “quarantine care kits,” with basic protection items, a care letter from Mayor Wei-che Huang, information sheets on quarantine requirements, digital care services, and also a Tzu Chi-donated care package with items like multigrain powder and instant rice. The first allotment of 1,300 quarantine care kits was successfully distributed by local district offices and health centers. An additional 300 kits were provided to the Foreign Affairs Division of the Police Department for quarantined foreigners in Tainan. This measure ensures that every quarantined person receives the care package, stays home, and follows strictly all quarantine requirements.


In response to the continuing increase of quarantined citizens, Tainan City Government has continued to collaborate with the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, which donated an additional 3,000 care packages. Earlier in February, the Tzu Chi Foundation already donated a total of 1,300 care packages, each containing multigrain powder, cereal, instant rice, self-care health items, Tzu-Chi's Aphorisms booklet, and a blessing card. As the supplies for virus prevention and control have become more sufficient, the packages also include basic care items, like masks, a bottle of bleach, and a thermometer, as well as a digital care package by Chunghua Telecom, which includes 14-day free access codes to KKBox, Hami online bookstore, and Hami video platform. Tainan citizens who are existing MOD subscribers also enjoy one-month free upgraded services to more movies, dramas, and cartoons. Both the public and private sectors work together and pour in resources to provide the best support for the home-quarantined and home-isolated individuals.


According to Tainan City’s Social Affairs Bureau, the give-away of quarantine care kits is based on a home quarantine and home isolation roster established by the central competent authority. This roster is then provided to local district offices and health centers for distribution to individuals. Tainan City Government also reminds the public that for individuals who have returned from epidemic areas announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), they should proactively contact their borough chiefs or civil affairs officers at district offices to receive the Home Quarantine Notice and the quarantine care kit. The measure aims to help individuals feel safe and at ease during the 14-day quarantine period.